What Android Apps Should I Get?

You did it! Finally! You’ve gotten your cast new Android buzz and now you’re accessible to…what? What can you do with this amazing section of accouterments you’ve been cat-and-mouse to get?

You apperceive a few apps to download based on what your best acquaintance told you. You ability yield a few pictures or download that hot attempt of your admired amateur or athlete. Again what do you do?

If you’re annihilation at all like me, you’ll decay bags of hours and downloads aggravating to acquisition the absolute apps for you. You’ll download amateur because they accept one air-conditioned awning attempt acquaint in the Android Market and again acquisition out they’re debris afterwards you’ve started arena them. You ability download 15 altered account apps to see which one is the best.

All of this time spent downloading apps robs you of the time you spent downloading, not to acknowledgment the time you’ll absorb recharging your buzz every 2-3 hours because downloads use up a lot of array life. You’ll go through bags of affliction aggravating to get some of the apps to uninstall because the developers don’t absolutely like it if you yield their app aback off of your buzz afterwards installing it. (Every buzz they’re not on is money they can’t accomplish afterwards all.)

How do you abstain this? It’s in fact adequately simple if you accept to the agents of The Android Apps HQ. They’ve aggregate a book abounding of awning shots and descriptions to advice you amount which apps you’ll wish to get started with. The book lists the top games, photography, music, and arcade apps for you to download, and it even has a QR Code for every individual app in the book to accomplish it easier to get the app to your phone!

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